Latest drip irrigation products and new factories

What are the key outputs and operational achievements of 2020?


The first line / insect repellent drip tape.

X-Pell is a solution for the grower who has experienced the hassle and cost of insect damage to their drip line / tape and is looking for a reliable option that has proven in the field to be effective in preventing damage caused by insects in the drip line / tape.

Rivulis X-Pell patent pending technology goes to the core of your drip line / tape, mixing the minimum amount of insect repellent needed directly into the plastic frame to protect your drip line / tape from damage caused by insects, from inside out.

We’ve had some amazing comments since the release of “X-Pell”.

For more details about this product, click: X-Pell – The first line / insect repellent drip tape


Seasonal tape, designed to stretch without breaking.

The T-Tape VEGI-HE is ideal for single season crops. Recovery is easier since the tape is designed with high elongation properties.

T-Tape 4 mil

T-Tape 4 mil ultra thin is one of the thinnest drip tapes on the market, and allows for longer roll lengths, making it easier to install in the field with fewer roll changes.

H6000 PE Layflat

This incredible product has 3 great advantages:

  1. Greater reliability than flat PVC.
  2. There are no leaks around the outlet.
  3. Quick and easy installation.

That there are no leaks around the outlet implies:

  • Cleaner fields: less weeds
  • Less maintenance
  • Time and money savings: easy to install with pre-installed plugs and 1/3 the weight of traditional PVC flat surface < / li>
  • A unique process that creates a strong and durable weld between the outlets and the hoses makes the H6000 PE a durable solution.

Click here for more information on H6000 PE Layflat

Rivulis R5000 PC

The first dropper jointly designed by engineering teams from the EU and Israel.

The new membrane design maintains a constant flow through each dripper at a wide range of pressures, season after season.

Click here for more information on Rivulis R5000 PC

New factories

During the past year, our company has set 3 main operational milestones:

  • The opening of a new Rivulis factory in Vadodara, India.
  • The opening of the Rivulis factory in León, Mexico.
  • The opening of the Polyulstic Rivulis factory in Volzhsky, Russia .

While we have been selling in all 3 countries for years, these new facilities represent the realization of our mission: we make micro irrigation accessible. . We focus on increasing the accessibility of to micro irrigation for farmers around the world, through technology simple, affordable and smart, for a more sustainable future for all.

Our global presence now consists of 16 factories:

  • 3 in North America
  • 3 in South America
  • 8 in Europe, Africa and the Middle East
  • 1 in India
  • 1 in Australia

Now we will be able to provide a better service to our clients not only in India, Mexico and Russia, but also in all the mentioned regions. We are committed to operational excellence by providing our partners and producers in India, Mexico, and Russia with high availability, on-time delivery, and logistical flexibility.

In India, we now have 9 lines and an annual capacity of over 250 million meters of sidewall and hard wall drip lines. The Mexico factory is truly a state-of-the-art facility with 15 lines and an annual capacity of over half a billion meters of drip line / tape with room for future expansion.

In Russia, we are the first international drip irrigation producer to invest in building a factory with a local presence. We partner with the POLYPLASTIC Group, the largest plastic pipe manufacturer in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) for the infrastructure and agriculture sectors. The objective of the Joint Venture is to provide high quality micro irrigation solutions to Russia to improve agricultural productivity and drive higher yields. Joint Venture reflects our core value: We cultivate sustainable partnerships.