The multiple COMEB milling machines are the result of modern research for the processing of all crops between rows. Highly versatile machines made up of a galvanized iron frame, hexagonal drive shaft, 3rd point hitch, reduction gear, wheels for depth adjustment and independent work elements, modifiable according to the needs of each crop and each field.

The extremely resistant FPSR inter-row milling machine for tractors from 50 to 100 HP and suitable for very high, hard and stony terrain with a greater depth of processing than the FP.E model, particularly suitable for growing artichokes and tomatoes. Number of milling elements from 2 to 5 with milling and convertible bonnet from 27 to 100 cm. It is built with a 41mm or 50mm hex bar. It can be accompanied with the following accessories: optional special furrows, fertilizers, rotors and spurs (double bonnet attack, support spring, type B spur, double dust cover, double bearing) for greater sealing and machine durability. And built in 3 models depending on the height of the hex bar to ground: FPSR FPSRA FPSRXA.