From seedlings rooted in peat rootballs to seeds, from bulbs to potatoes, whether under mulch films or bare soil, both in the greenhouse and in the open ground.
Wolf’s strong point it is its extreme versatility, a characteristic that has made this model the most appreciated by those who operate in the direct sales sector and agricultural markets; machines with 1 or 2 rows, small, versatile and easily adaptable to different needs.
WOLF is equipped with a distributor with drilling cups (from 1 to 6) and a change system that allow the regulation of the distance in the row between a minimum of 20 cm and a maximum of almost 2 meters.
On request, each unit individually can be equipped with the FASTWOLF facilitator for high Productivity (3/4000 plants / hour per row) and extreme comfort for operators.
It is easily combined with the PLASTIC STOP PLUS mulcher to perform plastic film placement and transplanting operations in a single pass (PS + WOLF PLUS)

Plant warehouse: the tray holder is not standard; choice of 4-sided rotating tray holder, inclined tray holder or cross tray holder with 2 or more shelves.

Distribution system: the perforating cups are not included; choice of standard or long cups for pyramidal or conical root balls, 5X5 or 7X7 cups for cubic root balls. Optional 4X4 insert available, for 5X5 and 7X7 cups

Soil adaptation: Independent and oscillating transplant units; floating front skid, lightening spring, film weight skid and cleaning brushes as standard.

Row spacing:

Minimum 50 cm.

Minimum 30 cm. for 2-row WOLF with kit code 500253.

Distance between floors:

Minimum 20 cm, maximum 198 cm with standard piercing vessels (maximum 6 vessels); minimum 20 cm, maximum 198 cm with long drilling cups, 5X5 and 7X7 (maximum 5 cups).

D1 – 1 glass – Distance between plants 123-135-148-165-175-185-198 cm.

D2 – 2 glasses – Distance between plants 62-67-74-82-87-93-99 cm.

D3 – 3 glasses – Distance between plants 41-45-50-55-58-62-66 cm.

D4 – 4 glasses – Distance between plants 31-34-37-41-44-46-49 cm.

D5 – 5 glasses – Distance between plants 25-27-30-33-35-37-39 cm.

D6 – 6 glasses – Distance between plants 20-22-25-28-29-33 cm.

Transmission: mechanical, with drive wheels and hexagonal bar (without PTO).

Approximate production: Up to 3,000 plants / hour each operator or 4,000 plants / hour each operator with the help of optional Fastwolf.