The FOXDRIVE model can be considered without a doubt as a «universal system», the distributor with tweezers in fact allows the planting of all kinds of seedlings, with bare roots or with peat rootballs.

Its main characteristics lie in its versatility, its extreme simplicity of use and its low cost.

Much appreciated for non-strictly conventional transplants, from biomass trees to Jatropha for biofuel production, including rose cuttings, patterns for fruit trees and sweet potatoes.

Pulled by a pair of rubber drive wheels.

Plant warehouse: the tray holder is not standard; choice of single or double plant drawer (standard or maxi size) for bare root plants, 4-sided rotating tray holder, tilted box holder or cross tray holder with 2 or more shelves.

Distribution system: with caliper chain (not standard); choice of 5 super clamps, 10 special clamps or 20 master clamps.

Adaptation to the soil: Independent and oscillating transplant units. Parallelogram with wide field of action for constant horizontality, reversible spring to increase and decrease weight on compactor wheels, adjustable front pneumatic wheel.

Distance between rows:

Minimum 50 cm. standard version

minimum 25 cm. DT version with double chassis.

Distance between floors:

Super distributor 5 clamps: min. 64 cm, max 140 cm.

Standard distributor 10 clamps: min. 27 cm, max 80 cm.

Special distributor 15 clamps: min. 18 cm, max 53 cm.

Master distributor 20 clamps: min. 13 cm, max 40 cm.

Transmission: mechanical, with drive wheels and hexagonal bar (without PTO).

Approximate production: Up to 2,000 / 2,500 plants / hours each operator.