Younger sister of the DUAL 12 GOLD, of which it retains its fundamental characteristic: a single operator feeds two paired transplant rows at the same time, with the consequent halving of labor costs .

Therefore, smaller only in size, ultra compact; transplant units only 12 centimeters long and 180 kilograms in weight.

With the guarantee of high performance in the utmost respect for the comfort of the operators, it is mainly used in the cultivation of vegetables and onions; in fact, the minimum distance between rows is 25 cm.

All DUAL 12 COMPACT transplant units are equipped with double-jointed parallelogram and reach an indicative output of approximately 5,000 plants / hour per operator.

The DUAL 12 COMPACT transplant system is covered by an international patent that protects intellectual property.

A single operator simultaneously feeds two rows of transplant.

Plant warehouse: the tray holder is not standard; The transverse tray holder with 2 or more shelves of the same width as the chassis can be chosen.

Distribution system: horizontal with continuous rotation (not intermittent), 12 openable bottom vessels with distribution of plants in a paired row, staggered.

Adaptation to the ground: Independent and oscillating transplant units. Parallelogram with wide field of action for constant horizontality, reversible spring to increase and reduce weight on the compactor wheels, adjustable front roller, new highly sensitive transverse joint.

Automatic reclosing: In case of accidental blocking with automatic reclosing and a new phase setting.

Plant control: Device for precise and constant placement.

Compactor wheels: Rubber flex, large diameter (330 mm), bi-convergent triple regulation for optimal compaction.

Opening grating : quick release with anti-release, anti-wear fusion at the bottom.

Wheel scraper: Highly effective with double regulation (height and incidence).

Distance between rows: Adjustable from 25 cm to 30 cm.

Distance between floors:

Adjustable from 14 cm to 50 cm STANDARD

Adjustable from 14 cm to 50 cm with RAPID SHIFT

Transmission: mechanical, with drive wheels and hexagonal bar (without PTO).

Approximate production: Up to 4,000 / 5,000 plants / hours each operator.